Home dental is an innovation in our current generation that gives way to equal access of dental care across all types of citizens. These divisions that could be based on the income of the family, age, and even one’s mental or physical condition are already broken because of the introduction of home dental. With this type of development, anyone despite of their age or their difficulty in reaching out to a traditional dental clinic will already be able to receive the same amount of dental care that a normal person does.


The process goes like this, you can either call a dentist that does home services to set up an appointment and be treated on the comforts of your own home on that given date, and there is also another option in which agencies or companies travel through mobile dental clinics, visits a company, school, or an institution, and provides medical care most specially dental care to the patients on that area or even nearby locations. However, among all these types of people who are previously facing difficulties in getting the dental care that they need but are now receiving the benefits and fruit of technology and development, the most affected ones are the senior citizens.

Growing old is a surreal yet inevitable experience as while you may think and feel just like a 16-year old, however, your face, dental health, and body will show the true signs of your time on earth. Some individuals may opt to spend money on cosmetic dentistry to look younger, while others may up their exercise routine; however, no matter what strategy to look younger is implemented there are dental problems specifically linked to aging. It is important that each and everyone is aware of the common problems that arise together with aging when it comes to dental problems. That way, one will be able to quickly resolve or find a way of how to make things possible in curing it.

As time passes by, individuals can officially earn the dental idiom of being “long in the tooth” due to their time spent on earth. As funny as it can be, the expression was originally coined as a way to describe an age of a horse because as they get older, their gums will recede (thus giving the appearance of having long teeth). Aging humans are subject to this type of biological change in addition to other adjustments associated with growing old, and it is vital to be aware of it for you to be able to prevent it right away. After all, these are some of the most common dental problems being faced by home dentists all over the world.


Smiles Could Get Affected

When we smile, our mouth muscles tend to exercise as well as our jaws. But with aging, jaws can actually shrink which could be a problem if not resolved right away. Jawbones are a living part of the skeletal system that help defines a person’s face as well as providing a solid surface for which teeth can be firmly anchored. Results of a forty-year study have indicated that jaws can shrink over time resulting in tooth overcrowding in senior mouths.

The study and findings have rooted in the Faculty of Dentistry at Malmö University. The study kicked off 1949 and it involved analyzing the plaster molds made off of 30 dental students who were in their twenties. The second batch of molds was made 20 years later when the students were fully licensed dentists. A final set of molds was made for 18 remaining participants forty years after the very first set was created. When those devices were lined up and compared side-by-side it was found that over time the lower jaw had become both shorter and thinner by several millimeters, resulting in tooth-crowding.

Hence, there is a conclusion that was made about it and over time, this has been one of the causes of teeth problems among seniors that are challenging home dentists as well.


Other Factors That Might Affect Smiles As You Age

Aside from the shrinking of the jaws which is the most basic yet the one that affects smiling as you age a lot, there are also other factors to look out for.

As said, the jawbone is not the only body part to be affected by aging as every organ, hair follicle and tooth will be impacted by the natural process of a body’s systems slow down. When it comes to the latter, the appearance of a smile changes because of a shrinking jaw and lessened skin elasticity, however, some of the oral changes associated with aging can also experience dry mouth due to slow saliva production, gum disease, and even oral cancer.


The Good Thing

It is already a given fact that aging will really be a hinder in keeping a great smile as your time on earth increases, but the good thing is, smiles can still be delivered on your doorstep in the form of home dental which focuses on dental care and preventive dentistry centered in the convenience of home operations.

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