A mobile dental clinic can bring dental service to patients that in most cases doesn’t usually get any dental care at all. The patients include those older adults who stay at home or placed in some institutions like nursing homes and hospitals. There are also patients that are suffering from dental phobias or part of the population that can’t afford dental care since they are children of a low-income family. The goal and vision of complete mobile dentistry are to get rid of excuses and provide convenient access to dental care for people regardless of their abilities or proximity.

Mobile dental and other mobile health practices are genuinely beneficial and make health care more convenient and accessible for people all over the US. But why are some people still skeptical about their services? Let’s get to know more about the complete mobile dentistry and its pros and cons.

What exactly are Mobile Dentists?

A mobile dentist could be an individual dentist or a team of dental professionals that have a moving office. They specialize in providing dental care in the privacy and comfort. When people have some restraints in being mobile but still need dental care services, then a mobile dentist can come to them. This is common and convenient for nursing homes, retirement communities, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers. There are also patients that are homebound; usually those elderly and disabled can also take advantage of a complete mobile dentistry service.

What Do Mobile Dentists Do?

It’s incredible to know that mobile dentists can perform the usual routine procedures that are usually done on a regular dental clinic. With the help of technology advancement, using a portable setup and equipment, extractions, digital x-rays, denture fittings, deep cleanings, and root canals are just some of the procedures that can be done. There are also many other procedures that are routinely done for outpatients.

What Are Mobile Dental Clinics?

When we say mobile, we might be thinking about a running container van or truck. Now a mobile dental clinic can totally look different depending on the company. Some clinics have offices and receptionists working in, no matter how the mobile office is set up, you can still have the assurance that their objective is to bring a dentist to your doorstep and aid into your dental healthcare needs.

Mobile Dental Clinic Services

Complete mobile dentistry can accommodate almost all dental services offered in a regular dental clinic. Mobile clinics are using mobile dental tools such as portable x-rays and easily movable chairs, lights, and most importantly sanitation devices.

Pros of Mobile Dental Clinics

Mobile dental clinics offer overwhelming benefits and convenience to their needy patients. The benefits are apparent, the fact that the patient does not have to go to a physical clinic and wait in a line or be stuck in traffic. Mobile dentistry is truly a blessing to the elderly, physically disabled or homebound individuals. They also help patients overcome a dental phobia, and these clinics provide dental care to those underserved population including rural communities without dental clinics.

Besides, mobile dental clinics can provide dental care to students or children who may not be able to go to the dentist regularly or at all because of their parent’s work schedules or transportation and in some cases the costs.

Cons of Mobile Dental Clinics

If there are lots of benefits, there are also unconvinced people and raises questions about these mobile dental clinics. The primary worry and issues that are in raise is the sanitation of clinic supplies, but that’s really not a con since it is guaranteed that all tools and pieces of equipment being used are sterile thinking that mobile dentists primary clients are elderly who have sensitive health. Another thing is keeping their patients records confidential, authorities are still thoroughly checking that concern but shouldn’t be a big deal if you want a dental service and can’t go to the dentist.

Finding a Mobile Dental Clinic

The Internet is the primary tool used in looking for a mobile dental clinic in your area, you can use search engines like Google or Bing, and you should be able to see all available options for mobile dental clinics. Make sure to read each review and it’s also helpful to check their social media profiles where clients usually leave reviews. When searching through the sites, take time to learn about complete mobile dentistry services. You can also check with your insurance provider to see if they cover mobile dental appointments and treatment. If you have a dentist in the past, you can also call them and get their insights about the best mobile dentistry service in your area.

There you have it, all the things that you have to know about complete mobile dentistry and how you can avail of its services.