A recent statistic has revealed that one out of three seniors fall. Less than fifty percent of these seniors do not talk to their clinicians about it. Falling is the leading cause of physical injuries among seniors. These injuries include fractures, cuts, and even accidental tooth loss that will make seniors resort to some mobile dentistry units to aid to their dental care.

The most common causes of falls among seniors include slippery floors, rickety staircases, and clutter. One of the biggest factors that make seniors fall down is the presence of a false sense of security. They deem that they are safe which leads them to be complacent about how they move. They end up falling due to this.

Fall-proofing a senior home does not necessarily involve a complete house makeover. Outlined below are a few easy steps that one can do to prevent senior loved ones from falling:

Clean up the clutter and repair tripping hazards

Clutter may not seem much, but they are proven to be fatal to seniors. Aside from the fact that they can become obstacles on the floor that may cause seniors to trip and fall, excessive clutter can disorient a senior as it may make the house feel dirty and cramped. Clutter must be stowed away. The house must be kept neat and tidy. Make sure that there are no power cords that may make a senior trip and fall. Tripping hazards, which include loose carpet, slippery rugs, or wooden floorboards that stick out, must be repaired.

Install grab bars and handrails

Senior citizens need safety devices that will help them prop themselves up and make it easier for them to travel from one place in the house to the other. Grab bars and handrails will assist them whenever they need to walk. Aside from that, these safety devices can also be items that they can grab to at the instance that they do fall. It will prevent them from impacting the ground and attaining physical injuries such as fractures and cuts.

Install adequate lighting

Seniors may tend to be visually impaired. Their poor eyesight is usually a cause as to why they fall. A home that is more suitable for the elderly is a well-lit home. There should also be lighting installed in stairways and narrow hallways. It is also recommended to install night-lights in bedrooms and bathrooms. This will create better guidance at night.

Avoid slippery surfaces

Anything that has the potential to slip must be replaced with something that will create more friction with the floor. Tiled surfaces which include the kitchen and the bathroom must also be remodeled to be less slippery. It is recommended to utilize non-slip mats. As comfortable it is to wear socks around the house, it is better to wear sandals or shoes with non-slip soles.

Overall, fall prevention is equivalent to injury prevention. The elderly loved ones require special care, and it must be afforded to them to avoid any injury to befall them. Take note of the aforementioned tips to ensure that your senior loved one is living in an accident-free home, which is the kind of home that they deserve.