From his collegiate days learning under the tutelage of John Wooden to leading NBA teams, Henry Bibby had a notable basketball playing career.  He did not fade away when his playing days were over, though.  He has been a successful and high level coach (NCAA, NBA, WNBA), he has founded and operated nonprofit organizations that help at-risk youth, he works in media, and he has recently invented an innovative basketball training tool, the DribblePro, that helps players improve their games.

Henry is most notably recognized as being the only player/coach to win basketball championship titles in the NCAA, CBA, AND NBA (UCLA Bruins, Lancaster Lightning, and New York Knicks, respectively).

Henry will sit down with Michele Trent and Mike Kloberdanz on Tuesday, April 24th at Noon to talk about enjoying a healthy and active life long after his career as a professional athlete ended and what he does to stay competitive.