Lockboxes for Seniors

Lockboxes for Seniors

Smiles by Delivery would like to thank Natalie Nelson and Lori Schmidt for their talk on Senior Safety and Lockboxes for Seniors.*

About Natalie

Natalie Nelson has over 20 years of business experience. Her joy is helping others find their happy space. Natalie has had her real estate licenses since 2005. She previously worked in medical sales where she was a record-breaking account executive. Her career has been distinguished by her extensive business development skills, tenured negotiating skills and exceptional communicative capacity that establishes rapport, builds credibility and values relationships. Natalie volunteers for Lockboxes for Seniors through SAAR’s. Natalie studied Mass communication at Texas Tech University and now works full time in her real estate career. Natalie is a dog person and splits her time between Sedona and Cave Creek with her fiancé.

About Lori

Lori Schmidt, Public Information Officer at Scottsdale Fire Department. Among many duties, I coordinate most of the injury prevention and community risk reduction programs for the fire department. Older adults are a high-risk audience, so we have several programs that help them age more safely in place. This includes addressing smoke alarms replacement, tripping and falling hazard reduction and providing lockboxes for entry by public safety.

For more information about Lockboxes for Seniors, reach out to Lori at:

lschmidt@scottsdaleaz.gov <lschmidt@scottsdaleaz.gov>