How does the human body defend itself against biological invaders? Easy. The human body is an amazing creation that has mechanisms to protect itself. Your mobile dentist in Arizona not only cares about your teeth but also your ears – as well as your overall health in general.

The protector of the ear is…you guessed it – earwax. Glands located around the ear canal secrete cerumen to protect us. The “cerumen” which is the clinical name also serves many other functions in the body, but is mostly a “defense mechanism,” said K.K. Gross, who runs the clinical operations for Shea Hearing Aid Center in Memphis and Nashville.

As you may not know, earwax keeps the ears moist as well as keeps dirt and foreign matter from getting into the ear canal or getting deep into the ear. “Earwax is protective,” Gross said. “It keeps things from potentially damaging or infecting the eardrum.” Similarly, when it comes to teeth and the mobile dentist, the lips close the mouth off from foreign objects.

Earwax replenishes itself over and over again. Dry old wax is naturally pushed out of the ear using the tiny hairs in your ear canal. If the wax is coming out of your ear, that means everything is working properly. The amount of earwax and it’s consistency are actually different among people, and genetics play a large role in this.

Keeping your ears clean is definitely important for all ages. Senior ear hygiene is of utmost importance because we tend to let these things go as the years pass. Any infections that a senior gets can be catastrophic. Make sure to have regular check-ups and keep your earwax healthy!

We at Smiles by Delivery may not be able to help with your ears much other than this article, but when it comes to dental hygiene, we are the most convenient and are here to help. Contact us anytime you need a mobile dentist in Arizona.