Letting go of a loved one is never easy. It may well be one of the hardest things you will ever do. Some of the questions that go through the mind of someone when they lose a loved one, is regarding the often repeated myths about funeral preparations, cremation, and the process in general. We at Smiles by Delivery, your mobile dentist in Arizona, have compiled a short list to dispel some myths you may have heard regarding this process.

Myth #1: You must hire a funeral home

The first myth here may very well be the most commonly repeated without factual basis. It is usually thought that one should put a funeral home or director in charge to manage the funeral process. It may not be the right thing for all situations. Just like planning a wedding or mobile dentist procedure, you may choose to contract all of the portions yourself such as forms and certificates and take a more hands-on approach.

Myth #2: Caskets and urns should be bought from the funeral home

It may feel natural that you would feel pressured into buying caskets or urns from a funeral home during the process. You may feel that since you are having a service at the funeral home, that you are obligated to purchase from there. This is a myth and one that generally can accumulate higher costs as well. You can opt to have more freedom by purchasing the items from a source you decide. Make sure that you let the funeral facility you are working with if any, know about this ahead of time.

Myth #3: Funerals are always mournful and depressing

In the past, you may have seen this was the trend, but in the modern day, this is not necessarily the case. You will see more today that funerals are a celebration of the life of your loved one. You will find many funeral homes have audio and video equipment to display elements from the life of your recently departed. Some even opt to have contemporary caskets designed among other new elements. Changing to a theme like this can help people cope with the passing much better.

Myth #4: Cremation is the only alternative to traditional burial

Maybe you wouldn’t place “environmentally friendly” at the top of your list when it comes to choosing a method of burial. Cremation has been found to be just that, but it is not the alternative. Ever heard of a green funeral? In this method, the body is wrapped or buried in a linen shroud, or the coffin is made of natural goods or biodegradables. You may ask if your funeral planner has this available.

Myth #5: Viewing is necessary

One should never feel pressured to have an open viewing when a loved one passes. Accepting the inevitability of death is a struggle for many people but necessary so that closure can be had. We all tend to deal with this differently. You may decide with your family that a viewing is not appropriate, and it is definitely okay to not have one. If you are planning your own final requests, you may let this be known in your wishes.

We hope this helps to answer some questions you may have regarding the choices you make at the funeral time. Please ask many questions to professionals as they will be happy to guide you in the process. Your mobile dentist experts wish you the best in your final planning.