Protecting your teeth is easier said than done. Even though it’s one of the basic hygiene we should do, most of us are not aware of how to properly brush the teeth or flossing. Sometimes, we don’t follow regular dental checkup due to busy work or school schedule.  

If you’re guilty of skipping your oral hygiene and focusing on other health factors instead, don’t worry! We got you covered!  

As a matter of fact, you can stay cool while protecting your teeth and we compiled the best tips so you can do that.

Eat healthy foods and avoid processed foods

If you want to protect your teeth, stay cool by eating fruits and vegetables. Unlike processed foods, fruits and vegetables are plain, clean and beneficial to your overall health and body.  

Avoiding artificially processed foods, most especially the ones packed with too much sugar that causes plaque and tooth decay is an important factor you need to consider if you want to keep your teeth healthy.

Drink water as often as possible

This is one of the basic health tips you can read in almost every books or blog. If you want to be healthy, drinking enough water all throughout the day is highly advisable.  

Even dentists recommend drinking at least one liter of water to keep yourself hydrated. Aside from that, drinking water on a regular basis throughout the day can help maintain the cleanliness of your teeth. It helps to remove the food particles left in between your teeth. In other words, it doesn’t just help to maintain gum health, but it can also act as a cleaner to avoid plaque and cavities.  

Avoid flavored drinks

Drinking plain water should be enough to quench your thirst. In case you want to try flavored drinks, make sure to drink lots of water afterward.  

Just like processed foods, flavored drinks are filled with sugar- your teeth’s enemy. Drinking flavored drinks regularly can cause plaque build up.  

As an alternative to flavored drinks, you can choose natural fruit juices. These are freshly squeezed from real fruits. Therefore, it’s a healthier alternative and its sweet taste came from natural ingredients or flavor.  

Rinse daily with a fluoride-containing mouthwash

Fluoride is one of your teeth’s best friends. Fluoride, a naturally-occurring mineral, helps prevent cavities in children and adults by making the outer surface of your teeth (enamel) more resistant to the acid attacks that cause tooth decay. The fluoride is an ingredient that helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  

It is an inorganic, monatomic anion. Fluoride is found naturally in soil, water, and foods. It is added to water to help prevent tooth decay as it keeps it healthy and strong.  

Make dental checkup a part of your routine


Nothing beats professional care and advice when it comes to oral hygiene. Make sure to visit your trusted dentist regularly for proper oral health assessment. In addition to that, your dentist can also help to check if you have tooth decay and cavities in between the teeth. It also helps to undergo comprehensive dental care treatments as the case may be. You can also try mobile dentistry treatments if you have a busy schedule.