You’re seeing the ads everywhere. Maybe it’s a new benefit from work.

But what is telemedicine, really? What should you use it for, and what should you not?

Dr. Tom Davis, MD a board certified Family Physician has spent years delivering telemedicine care, first to the his small town patients and then across the country .

He shares his insider knowledge to answer your questions in his new book, Telemedicine Confidential—Keeping Your Family Safe.

A fictional tale which follows Samantha after she loses her doctor and learns more than she bargains as she tried to take care of her family. Buy the book to share her journey and learn how you too can keep you and your family safe. Telemedicine Confidential available on Amazon and Ibooks.

About Dr. Davis

Dr. Tom Davis MD has been doctoring in the same small town for more than a quarter-century. A Board Certified Family Physician, He’s also practiced for years through the independent telemedicine services you hear widely advertised today. After learning that world from the inside out, he shares his insider knowledge with you in is his latest book, Telemedicine Confidential—Keeping Your Family Safe. An engaging fictional tale which teaches patients how to navigate the challenges of getting their healthcare over the internet from a doctor they’ve never met. It’s available in print, all e-book formats, on Audible and through his website where he blogs weekly with inside information for patients on how they can get better healthcare, save money and stay safe.



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