Being old shouldn’t be an excuse to miss out on the premium experiences in life. It should actually be the contrary; being a senior is an era of trying out the best of everything. Traveling is one of the preferred activities of seniors over 60. It is a wonderful form of relaxation that allows one to experience new things. Of course, traveling won’t be complete without the perfect culinary experience to pair it with. Listed below are a few recommended food and wine destinations for senior travelers.


Portugal is one of the best places in Europe to tour in. It is particularly good for seniors. It is easy to navigate because every tourist spot is close by each other as the city is quite compacted. The infrastructure is stable, too. One can travel from Lisbon to Porto by train in just about three hours. The Douro is one of the world’s oldest wine regions. You can pair the delectable drink with spectacular views.


This is commonly known as the birthplace of social order, organization, and democracy. Its colorful history is a delight to any tourist. It is abundant with healthy and delicious food, thus perfect for seniors. The environment is also welcoming to senior citizens. One in every five people there is over the age of 65. It is an excellent place to socialize. Don’t also forget their locally grown olive oil and impeccable cheese.


Mexico is a good place to escape the cold season. It is sunny and warm. It is known for very hospitable and friendly people. A lot of North Americans have ancestors from this area, which means that the population has a lot of seniors. Over the last 5 years, Mexico has significantly improved in the food and drinks area. It is also very affordable to travel through Mexico.


Japan is different and exciting. It is so clean, safe, and organized. It is definitely a good tourist spot for seniors. Their people are known for being absolutely polite and hospitable, which means that it is quite easy to navigate through the country even if you barely know Japanese. Their bullet trains make touring and traveling easy. More than 26% of the country is comprised of seniors aged 65 and up, making it the country with the oldest population in the world. You can try out their 400-year-old sake brewing tradition with a brewery tour and lunch in Kyoto. You can take your taste buds for a trip down their history with their famous sake.

The options for seniors are endless. This basically concludes that traveling is possible and could be improved when paired with the best food and drink experience. Traveling is a good way to improve the quality of senior living. It’ll allow them to revisit their youth and to relax.