Our teeth are still part of our body and as we grow older, it deteriorates along with it. There are also arising problems that come with inefficient oral health care and this may lead to infections, gum disease, and possible low self-esteem. All these can be prevented with an appropriate and comprehensive dental care.

Regular Brushing is not Enough

Your oral health often leaves clues as to your overall health. There will be certain diseases and dental issues that could give doctors a sign as to the kind of illness you may have. So, you brush your teeth and floss diligently. However, this is not enough. This is where comprehensive dental care comes in.  

Taking care of your mouth, gums, and teeth are an extension of your overall healthcare. Furthermore, by taking appropriate dental healthcare measures, you will prolong the integrity of your teeth even for many years to come. It is also a preventive measure to early detections of grave diseases like oral cancer.

Benefits of A Comprehensive Dental Care and Check-up

Several studies have already proved that there’s great benefit in brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist to get that healthy smile. When you have a healthy mouth, you are keeping certain bacteria from attacking your teeth — and sometimes your body.  You may put your health at risk from a heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and preterm labor from a bad case of tooth decay.

Visiting your local dentist should be part of your treatment plans if you have to achieve optimum overall health. Having a regular dentist dr makes it easier for you to take regular check-ups every six months and keep records in one place. You may also ask from the dental office if they offer comprehensive dental care services.

When you avail of comprehensive dental services, you get more than just cleaning. Just like your annual check-up, your dentist will be doing a series of dental exams to assess if you’ll need medications or other medical interventions for dental emergencies. Your dentist will start by taking note of your medical history including all your current medications and diagnosis. From here, your dentist will be setting treatment plans accordingly. It may include hygiene habits, diet, and other factors such as smoking and eating habits.

Disease screening includes extra-oral examination (head and neck) and intra-oral examination (gums, teeth, and soft tissues surrounding the mouth). This is done to detect diseases such as TMJ disorder, gum disease, and oral cancer.

An oral examination is also part of the comprehensive dental care package. Your dentist will be doing a thorough tooth decay check, exam an existing dental work such as dentures, bite evaluation, and teeth cleaning including stain removal.

For more dental emergencies, some dentists may require you to take a dental x-ray for diagnostic reasons. Depending on your needs, you may be required to also other exams such as radiographs. For cosmetic dentistry, this may require a special case and may not be part of this type of package.  

So the next time you take on an annual health care check-up, consider also getting your oral care done as well. For any questions, contact your local dental office today.