Smiles by Delivery specializes in providing dental care to the elderly. It is our mission to promote health and healthcare to this demographic and, when it comes to dental care, this age group is overlooked and underserved. Proper dental care is a proven factor in health and longevity. A lack of dental care and poor oral health is linked to diabetes, stroke, heart attack, malnutrition, and bacterial pneumonia. The elderly are particularly susceptible to these ailments and residents of retirement communities often do not have access to the dental care they need.

Our solution is to bring the services our patients need directly to them in the fastest, friendliest, and most convenient way possible at the the best cost. We have grown by leaps and bound over the past five years because our services are so needed … and so convenient.

Spread the word: you don’t have to send your elderly loved ones out in the heat or make them climb into mobile clinic dental buses. Our house-call dental services take the hassle out of oral health.