Just because your teeth are strong doesn’t mean that they’re indestructible. Your diet plays a huge part in your teeth’s health. Caffeine and acidic drinks are some of the food and drinks that compromise one’s teeth, albeit unnoticeable. Regular intake can lead to oral damage and diseases. To paint a clearer picture on why the aforementioned must be consumed moderately, read on below.

Effects of Caffeine

Caffeinated drinks, the most popular of which is coffee, are popular drinks because of the regular necessity of people for a caffeine boost. Most individuals start their days with coffee. Over time, stains will accumulate on the teeth’s enamel, and even extend to building up beneath the external layer. It leaves a yellowish stain that cannot be removed with whitening toothpaste. Coffee also contains compounds called tannins, which erodes your enamel and allows the buildup of a sticky residue called plaque. The plaque encourages bacterial growth among the crevices of your teeth which leads to oral health diseases such as periodontal disease and cavities.

To treat the staining, make sure to immediately brush your teeth after coffee consumption. As for the other oral health diseases, you may visit a nearby mobile dentistry to come up with a comprehensive dental plan with a specialist.

Effects of Acidic Drinks

Drinks that are acidic have a low pH level. Such drinks include soda and citrus fruit juices. Such acidity leads to enamel erosion. This is a serious problem because a destroyed enamel cannot be simply grown back. Upon erosion, the layer underneath called the dentin shall be exposed. The dentin is yellow-colored, which accounts for the yellowish hue your teeth have if you do not take care of them. Aside from the discoloration, an exposed dentin can also lead to tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity makes it painful to consume a variety of food that can compromise your diet in the long run.

To protect your enamel from erosion, you may opt to drink beverages with the pH level of 3 or 4. These include water and tea. If you do want to consume acidic beverages, make sure to take it in between bites of food so as to prevent its prolonged contact on your teeth’s surface. Drink in moderation and use a toothpaste that is designed to protect and strengthen your enamel.

Effects of Sugary Food

Unlike the popular belief that sugar in itself causes tooth decay, it is actually the chain of events afterward that is held accountable. A lot of harmful oral bacteria feed on sugar to thrive. As a consequence, they excrete acids that eat away your enamel. More than that, the excessive acids create bacterial infections called cavities. Constant vigilance is necessary to prevent sugar buildup. Brush thrice a day, preferably with toothpaste that revitalizes the enamel to strengthen your teeth’s protective layer.

As aforementioned, your diet greatly affects your oral health. To keep your teeth and gums protected, make sure to consume the aforementioned food in moderation and to always brush your teeth after you eat.