Mobile dentistry has been one of the trendy topics in this generation in line with the field of dentistry. It is one of the advanced innovations on the said field and it is also one thing that has been quickly changing how everyone looks when it comes to dentistry. In the current traditional dentistry, the patient needs to make an appointment first and securing a slot before traveling to the dental clinic for the operation or service that needs to be claimed. This process does not only tire its patients because of the lengthy and critical steps but also, this type of handling dental care only gives access to those people who can make an appointment and who can travel with convenience. In short, one of the main reasons why dental care come on the top of the list for common health problems is because the traditional process of dentistry tends to leave those communities that do not have easy access to dental clinics behind.

As a remedy to the dilemma of the communities that are far from dental clinics, complete mobile dentistry has been introduced in different locations and various ways. During the first years of its acknowledgment as a way of providing dental care, many eyes and minds have put attention on its possible challenges which is mainly about its process of preventive care. Many have said that mobile dentistry does not actually cure a patient’s concern and only gives temporary ease to the pain but this has been defended on many discussions where in it has been stated that despite of many concerns from skeptics, mobile dentistry is a treatment modality that is one of the best ways to solve the access-to-care dilemma that faces so many Americans today.

We all know that at first, it could be quite nerve-wracking to put our trust and dental care to mobile dentistry but at the end of the day, this developed technique still has a lot of positive aspects. I am seeing that the main reason why some people give thumbs down to mobile dentistry is the lack of knowledge on how its system works, so this article will illuminate not just the advantages of mobile dentistry but it will also elucidate the fact that this innovation is one of the most significant achievements in the field of dentistry if done right.

Below are some of the facts about this advanced technique and details about complete mobile dentistry.


The Reason Why Everyone Went Crazy Over Mobile Dentistry

One of the major problems about dentistry that we are facing today is the access of most communities that trigger dental problems. With mobile dentistry, all you have to do is enter the mobile dental clinic when it arrives near your community or location. Moreover, the mobile dentistry van can arrive at a facility Upon entering the premises of the dental van where the patients are already located, such as a school, community center, elder care facility, or manufacturing facility.

With complete mobile dentistry, the patients are treated on the comforts of their own home or on a site with minimal interruption of their day or without the complex logistical issues surrounding transportation of the elderly and disabled. More patients can receive care who might otherwise go without or receive only symptomatic care.


What Makes Up A Dental Van?

As previously stated in this article, most people question the preventive-only care that mobile dentistry offers and this doubt is also in line with the equipment or tools that mobile dentistry has. Some say that only a traditional dental clinic is fully equipped with tools and machines that patients specifically need. But mobile dentistry has an answer to that.

Even when mobile dental clinics travel on wheels while carrying the service they can provide, the feature of what is inside is mostly similar to a traditional dental clinic. Once you got into the dental van, you will be routed instantly to the first major part which is the Waiting Area and as you wait there, you will notice two access doors, one on your left and another on your right.

If you are a critic of interior design, you will find the interior of the van impressive for it stick with high ceiling and straight walls for a professional yet comfortable atmosphere. Across the room, most dental vans have a steri center that provides safe and efficient instrument flow using minimal space. The idea of putting up a dental clinic inside a van is really strategized!

To provide fast transactions, a dental van has two operating rooms that quite different from each other in terms of the machines available. Although both operatories are fully equipped with complete facilities and tools, one difference is that an emergency exit window is only available in the first operatory. This gives a definite direction to all the people inside the van and since the first room is located in the tail of the van or the left side of the waiting area, it is safer to exit from a room located farthest from the machine of the van.

Accepting a newly-introduced advancement could be challenging but it is part of fully recognizing its potential in helping.