All people want to have the perfect smile, but not everyone takes appropriate actions to achieve it. Taking care of our oral health is the key to a perfect smile. Not only that, but it is also the gateway of our body’s overall health. We should always remember that oral hygiene is very important. Not just for a perfect smile, but also for our overall health as well.

There are lots of ways of taking care of our oral health. Oral health is very important because it is the gateway of all the foods that provide nutrients to the body. Poor oral and dental hygiene can result in numerous diseases that can cause fatal illnesses. Good thing there are dentists that can help us to resolve any dental problem. What’s more interesting is that, aside from mobile dentistry, there are other technological advances in the field of dentistry.

If you are not aware of the advancement in dentistry, we will give you a brief introduction.

Advance X-ray Technology

Technology has greatly influenced the world. Dentists, for example, started to use enhanced technology like the digitalized X-rays rather than the traditional radiographs. The methods may vary depending on the type of digital X-ray. One of it uses an electronic sensor that is put inside the mouth then records the images. The recorded digital image was then transferred to the computer to allow better viewing. All the digital images are stored on the dentist’s computer to keep track of your mouth’s condition. The good thing about this X-ray is aside from finding cavities, it can also look for the bones underneath the teeth that can identify the strength of your “anchors”.

Improved Restorative Materials

The improvements in the restorative materials used in filling cavities provide better-looking teeth. Dentist use ‘tooth-colored’ composite fillings and porcelain to give your teeth a more real- looking finish. Bonding, the process that can be performed on chipped teeth, also uses a more natural-looking shade. These bonding materials made out of plastic have a wide variety of natural-looking shades that perfectly match the colors of the real teeth.

Faster Crown Preparation

Easier and faster of crown preparation was made possible by the help of technology too. Today, most dentists prefer using a computer-assisted design (CAD) and/or computer-assisted technology. This is much easier to use CAD/CAT technology rather than the usual goopy stuff used in making the mold of the teeth. The dentist just has to prepare the tooth for the crown by drilling it. After that, the dentist will now take a photo of it with the computer. The image will then be transferred to a machine that creates the crown.

Although the prices may be a little bit higher compared to the traditional one, the results are more desirable and pleasant compared to the goop.

Dental Implants

Dental implants were used to be considered as an experimental procedure way back 15 or 20 years ago. Today, it is already a routine procedure. The American Academy of Periodontology stated that the process starts with an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw which serves as the holder of the replacement tooth or a bridge. In some cases, it is needed to beef up (filling the defect using a bone or a bone substitute) the underlying bone before placing the implant. Just like regular teeth, implants also need complete dental care.

Cosmetic Advances

There are also cosmetic advances in the field of dentistry.  Whether it is crown or veneers, as long as it provides a perfect smile that brings us confidence, we will be satisfied. Thanks to the advancement in the aesthetical aspect of dentistry. It has improved very well in providing the best option for us, especially the seniors, who, of all people, value their smiles more. A perfect smile allows you to look younger, happier and healthier, which is what all of us wants.

Every one of us needs comprehensive dental care. Oral and dental health should be focused on not only to prevent tooth decays and bad breath but also to prevent diseases. Good thing that technology has greatly contributed to the advancement in the field of dentistry. This way, better services are offered to provide better results.