COVID-19 Protocol



  • Use of CaviCide (EPA 46781-6) disinfectant on our dental chair, dental unit and cart before and after each patient
  • Follow CDC protocol on sterilizing our instruments
  • Follow CDC protocol on weekly spore testing of our sterilizing autoclave equipment
  • Follow CDC protocol for hand hygiene before and after glove use
  • Follow CDC protocol for PPE (personal protective equipment): mask, eyewear and gloves
  • Preprocedural antimicrobial cleansing of patient’s mouth at start of appointment to reduce levels of oral microorganisms


  • Team COVID vaccines began 1/6/2021
  • Regular employee COVID testing and daily employee COVID screening
  • Air Purifier UV-C System Use During Treatment:
    • Purifies 1000sq ft room 3x/hour
    • Purifies down to .3 micron
  • Aerosol Reduction System
    • Reduces 90% aerosol
    • Purifies down to .125 micron
  • Masks will be work when team arrives to community
  • Face Shield use over masks during patient care
  • Single use gowns during appointments
  • Non-biohazard/sharps garabage produces durings patient’s appointment is disposed at appointment site.
  • Obtain paient’s COVID -19 appointment consent and screening form on day of appointment
  • Practice social distancing with staff at appointment including no hand shaking


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