Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really do everything inside our community?
Yes. The process is simple. We don’t even need access to water. We work out of nursing offices, activity rooms, empty apartments, and even bedside. We have state-of-the-art dental equipment with digital x-rays and photos. It’s amazing to think you can have a dental office set up in your home in 10 minutes!
How often do you visit communities?
We are available for emergency calls 24 hours a day for established patients. For most of our partnered communities, we are on a regular visitation schedule for dental cleanings every 30 or 60 days, however, we can be there sooner for dental treatment or emergency care.
What about residents with dentures or partials?
We do that too! We have an in-house denture and partial lab that gives us quick turnaround times. Most people think that because someone has dentures, they don’t need to see a dentist. Not true! Dentures should be evaluated at least once a year and twice a year if there are implants supporting the denture. Poor fitting dentures and partials can cause multiple problems including: eating/speaking problems, fungal infections, bacterial pneumonia, oral ulcerations and oral cancer, and much more! Call our office to have your dentures and partials evaluated.
How can it cost so much less than traditional dentistry when you come right into our community?
That is the beauty of technology. We have developed an innovative approach to dentistry that streamlines the process and cuts down on our overhead expenses. We pass the savings along to our patients.
What insurances do you take?
We can submit to most dental PPO plans. Our office would be happy to contact your resident’s dental PPO insurance carrier and review your insurance benefits in detail with your residents prior to an appointment. If your insurance plan does not have a dental component, no worries! We have a dental saving plan that has no deductibles or limits!
Do you help communities stay in compliance with state health regulations?
Yes. This is a huge benefit to communities. We help our partners understand exactly where their residents stand in terms of oral health. This protects both the community and the resident.
Can we list in-house dentistry as an amenity to prospects?
Sure. A partnership with SBD is a huge benefit to residents … both because of convenience and because of the amount of money they will save on treatments.
Do you do in-services?
Yes! We like to combine them with a free screening program for residents. This way we can discuss real situations with caregivers.
What is involved in a community partnership?
We love to partner with progressive communities who are serious about making sure their residents are as happy and healthy as possible. There are different ways to partner, but we need participation from residents and feedback from staff to make sure we are doing the best job possible for the most people.
What is needed for a second opinion?
We offer complimentary dental second opinions. If a resident has seen a dentist within the last 6 months and wants another option for dental treatment, a more convenient house-call appointment or just wants better customer service…contact our office with your current dental office’s information and we would be happy to offer a complementary second opinion.
When does a resident need a doctor’s medical clearance?
We need a written physician’s clearance in a patient’s chart to clear the patient for dental care for certain situations. Examples of these situations would include:
If the patient had a heart attack/heart surgery/stroke within the last 6 months.
If the patient is on a prescription blood thinner and needs extractions.
If the patient is on a prescription bisphosphonate medication and needs extractions.
Is it sanitary to have a house call dental visit?
Yes! In fact we abide by the same protocol as hospitals by using tuberculocidal disinfection solutions for surface cleaning, so we actually leave the area cleaner than when we arrived! We use medical autoclaves to sterilize our instruments and our autoclaves follow the CDC requirement of weekly spore testing to ensure that the sterilizers are working at 100%.

Some dental offices do in-house testing, but Smiles by Delivery takes it one step further to protect our patients. We choose to have our autoclaves checked weekly by a third party infection control company. If you are worried about saliva a splatter, again, we have our unit in a controlled setting and use our hospital grade cleaners….so now think about all the times residents and neighbors are coughing and sneezing….and not cleaning up after they disperse germs!

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