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Why is Oral Care Important?

By having consistent oral care (brushing, flossing, and regular dental appointments) individuals are able to avoid complications such as cavities, tooth loss, and gum disease. Many of these problems are often overlooked and progress further eventually causing a dental emergency. By taking preventative care, one can prevent emergency dental situations from occurring that can be very costly and time-consuming to the individual.

Lack of oral care doesn’t just cause cavities and gum disease, it can also cause higher level damage to the rest of the body. Research has found that oral care has a direct link to several other diseases/complications throughout the body. This is due to gum disease which can progress into later stages called periodontal disease that cause bone and tooth loss. Studies show that the bacteria in gum disease are able to affect various parts of the body, not just the mouth. Preventative care is the key to having both a healthy mouth and bod

Emergency dental care Surprise AZ

How Much Does Emergency Care Cost?

On average, Americans are spending an average of $749 on emergency hospital visits due to dental problems. The cost is much higher for seniors 65+ at an aver hospital visits age of $1,350 per visit.¹⁴

What Types of Diseases are Involved with Poor Oral Care?

  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZDiabetes
  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZPneumonia
  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZHeart Attacks
  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZStroke
  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZCancer
  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZDementia

Emergency Care Cost* vs Preventative Care Cost

*average cost for adults ages 65 and old

With routine dental care you can help keep the costs down from not only health care need, time away from your facility, but also even emergency room visits. We want to help you and your residents get the best dental care possible and keep the extra health care costs down with regular dental care. Check out the difference below of how much dental problems can costs due to lack of dental care or increased dental problems.
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National Average Cost of Emergency Hospital Visits Due to Dental Problems ¹⁴: $1,350

  • $0
  • $375
  • $750
  • $1,125
  • $1,500
National Average Cost of Emergency Hospital National Average Cost of Regular Dental Visits In a Year¹² (includes 2cleanings, 2 x-rays, 2 dental xaminations): $550

  • <$0
  • $375
  • $750
  • $1,125
  • $1,500

Approximately 70.1% of adults in the United States ages 65+ have periodontal disease⁶

Those who are 65+ years old must take regular precautions in their oral care routines. Periodontal disease is the main cause of tooth and bone loss but can also cause complications throughout the body.


Advanced gum disease can increase insulin levels, making it harder for diabetics to control their diabetes.³


  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZBacteria from gum disease can be inhaled causing aspiration pneumonia.¹¹⁰
  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZComplications from pneumonia include the following: ⁴
  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZrespiratory failure sepsis (widespread inflammation of the body), which can lead to organ failure

Heart Attack/Stroke

  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZIndividuals with gum disease have nearly a 50% increase risk for having a heart attack.⁵
  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZThose with periodontal disease can have up to 4 times higher risk of having a stroke.⁹


Studies show that patients with severe periodontal disease have a24% increase risk of cancer. ⁸¹³


  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZNew study shows that gum disease increases risk of developing dementia. ⁷¹¹
  • mobile dental clinic service Goodyear AZBacteria found in gum disease have been found in excess amount sin patients’ brains with dementia.

What can be done?

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing at least twice a day for two minutes is a great way of preventing plaque buildup in the teeth which in turn prevents gum disease. Individuals should floss at least once a day to remove plaque around the gum line that causes gum infections.

Dental appointments at Smiles by Delivery

Regular Dental Appointments

Individuals should visit their local dentist at least twice a year(every 6 months). Regular dental cleanings and examinations can prevent gum disease and tooth loss but also aid in the diagnosis of oral cancer.

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